Country profile

Country profile

Equatorial Guinea
Most populated city:
Bata (173. 036 aprox.)
Oficial languages:
Spanish, French and Portuguese
Type of government:
Teodoro Obiang Nguema
Prime Minister:
Vicente Ehate Tomi
28 051 km2
GDP per inhabitant $:
17 694 in 2013 (FMI)
Franco CEFA (XFA)
Currency conversion:
1€ are 655,97 XFA.
1 dollar:
475 641 FCFA
Name given to the inhabitants:
International country code:
+ 240 222 (mobile) + 240 333 (fixed lines).
Neighbour countries:
Cameroon and Gabon
tropical humidity
between 20o et 30o degrees Celsius
Average rainfall:
between 2000 y 3500 mm per year.
Entry documentation:
Visa and vaccination card.

The Weather

Equatorial Guinea's climate is equatorial and the average temperature is around 25 ° C with a relative humidity around 90%. Rainfalls are abundant and regular and normally exceed 1,500 or 2,000 mm per year.

On the island of Bioko we find an equatorial climate with a dry season from November to March and a rainy season from April to October.

The climate at the continental region has two dry seasons: the first one is between De- cember and mid-February and the second and most important one, from July to September. We can also find two rainy seasons: from March to June and again from September to November.


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