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Most travelers wanting to visit Equatorial Guinea must be in possesion of a visa to enter the country. Therefore, it is suggested you get informed at your closest Equatorial Guinean Embassy. Yellow fever vaccination card is required in addition to antimalarial treatment. We advise you not to drink water that is not bottled as well as foods that do not offer a minimum guarantee.


The legal tender in Equatorial Guinea is the Franco Cefa. At present, its fixed exchange rate is 1 Euro = 655,957 CFA francs.

Tarjeta de crédito

It is advisable to carry sufficient cash to meet the costs of stay, as credit cards are accepted in very few places.


As for the weather, temperatures are high between 25 and 27 degrees with 80% humidity.


GSM mobile phones work in Equatorial Guinea. In case you want to buy a mobile phone with sim card, they can be purchased easily and at good price, at the offices of the mobile operators in the country: Orange, Gecomsa and Muni

Prohibido fotos edificios institucionales

Obtaining a permit for taking pictures of public buildings is necessary.


Business hours are from 9 am to 1 pm, and from 4pm to 7 pm. Restaurants serve breakfast and lunch from 8 am to 3 pm approximately. You can have dinner until 11 pm.


The price of a taxi in the city of Malabo is 500 CFAs (€ 0.80) and are shared. For trips outside the city the price changes. In Bata, at the continental region, renting an hour is aproximately 5000 CFAs. (€ 7.60). We suggest you negotiate the price before starting the ride.

Other aspects of interest

Hotel stay: Prices can range from 100 euros to over 300 depending on the hotel.

Meals: A lunch or dinner can cost approximately 22 euros (drinks not included). If you include alcoholic beverages the price can be doubled. However, there are serveral restaurants that offer daily meals at a fixed rate.

Coffee: 1.50 € Bottle of water of 1.5L: 2.20 €

A combined (alcohol & drink): 10 €

Beer: 3 €

Shopping basket for one person one week: 150 €

Internet conection: 300 € / month.

House rental : prices range from 600 € to 1.500 € or even € 3.000


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