Upon arrival in Equatorial Guinea it is easy to find taxis at the airport. Unless you specify the opposite to the driver, taxis are shared by users. The places are best known for the buildings, so we suggest you indicate the place where you are going or the area rather than the name of the street. Example; Ministry of Economy.

Taxis are identified because they are painted red and white in Malabo and blue and white on the continental region. If you need to take a taxi, just approach to the sidewalk and they will stop. Most hotels have transfers to and from the airport.


Taxis do not have taximeters so in the case of Malabo, the approximate cost of a taxi from the airport to the city center is about 3000 CFA francs (4.5 €). At the continental region they are usually a little more expensive, because the distance from the center is greater; 4000 cefa francs (€ 6).

The price of any journey within the cities of Malabo and Bata is 500 cefa francs (0 '80 €).

*Prices are approximate.